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New Product Innovation

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Conceptual Principles of Entrepreneurial Value Creation
New Product Innovation

For whom?

The entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators in startups or large enterprises who are involved in innovation and new product development.

What do you get?

A conceptual framework that outlines the essential principles of entrepreneurial innovation and new product delivery from idea to product launch.

Why to believe?

In the true spirit of entrepreneurship, you are likely to embrace selected principles and approaches from this book only if they resonate with your own intuition, experience, or logic.

Contents Outline

Eureka to Wealth Book Outline

Entrepreneurial innovations: recognizing latent need patterns, creatively connecting dots into a desirable value offering, and capturing part of the value as profit.

—Milan Ivosevic

The Framework

End-to-End New Product Innovation Framework

Concepts and frameworks induce critical thinking while processes and templates nourish compliant execution.

—Milan Ivosevic

Book Structure

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About the Author


Expanded author’s bio in the book 

Milan is an executive leader, entrepreneur, and innovator. From a blacksmith forge to engineering laboratories, from startups to Fortune 500 board rooms, Milan’s calling card has been his prowess in the successful commercialization of advanced technologies and new product innovations. With numerous contributions and patents in sectors ranging from advanced aerospace coatings to disruptive medical devices, his contributions have stirred market spaces and positively impacted areas such as medication management, drug delivery, blood collection, robotic surgery, and reproductive biotechnologies. In Eureka to Wealth, Milan weaves decades of value creation experience into an easily understood framework that is as valuable for executives as it is for innovation practitioners.

Dedicated to all determined entrepreneurs and innovators who dare to fail while persevering to succeed

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